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Incense stick
Incense cone with buddha statue

In the year 2014, Simla Marketing Sdn. Bhd founded Raja Yoga products, and since then, it has been the leading producer and distributor of incense sticks and cones in Malaysia. Unlike other products, Raja Yoga products focus on developing industry-leading products and creating various aromatherapy-related ranges such as agarbattis in cone and stick form, scented wicks, and smokeless sudams.

What makes Raja Yoga unique from others is that we combine a fusion of traditions on our products to complement a broad range of demographic internationally. Our incense sticks, cones, and other prayer goods indeed deliver a spiritual experience like never before.

We, Simla Marketing Sdn. Bhd. commits to providing our valued clients and distributors with high-quality Raja Yoga products for us to embrace the grandeur of aroma.

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Find divine inner peace through Raja Yoga Premium Incense Cone.

From Agarbatti, Sambrani, to smokeless Sudam, Simla Marketing Sdn.Bhd produces and distributes all types of Pooja items.

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